6202 Walkers Line,
Burlington, ON

Atlantic Giant
Photo: Atlantic Giant '940 McQuay' held by Debbie Coulson, photo by David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm, Burlington, ON, September 1 2017
From seed to plate, work with us in growing, selling, and eating the crops grown at Hutchinson Farm.

The work at Hutchinson is best described as diverse. The type of work, when it occurs, and the crops themselves, change throughout the season. As a member of our team, you will be expected to contribute in all aspects of our farm, from planting, to harvesting, to selling. The following will give you a brief idea of what it's like working on our farm, and if working at Hutchinson Farm is the right job for you!

Help Wanted June 2022
We are looking primarily for strawberry pickers right now, but there will also be some work in our farm store for some of the people we hire.
Please note: you must be able to work weekends.

There is also work in September and October for our pumpkin season.

Who works for us?

Agriculture is unique: Farms are a place to work, but they're also a place to to live and raise a family. Some of our family run the farm full time, and other members have jobs and school and don't work much on the farm.

Part Timers:
We have a core group of part-timers who provide continuity year over year, doing whatever is needed to be done, such as planting, harvesting, selling.

We usually hire a few summer students.

We have four seasonal workers who do the vast majority of crop work. Our farm would not exist without them! You'll be working with them often, hablas Espaņol?

The Working Season
The work we do is dependent on the growing season which starts in March and continues to Halloween. There is no work available November thru February.

Weekends: This is the busiest time at our farm, all employees will work some weekends.

The Work
See below for the various types of jobs we have. Please note, all our staff usually do a bit of everything. You will be expected to do some picking, some planting, some crop care, some work at our farm store, etc.

Greenhouse Groupie
Planting our greenhouse crops happens in March and April, Wed-Fri. Hours are somewhat flexible, as there are no retail hours until May.
We prefer staff who can work the entire season until we close at Halloween, occasionally we have workers who just do the spring planting season.

Crop Crew
Picking and tending various crops throughout the season.

Bouquet Boss
Picking, bunching, and displaying our cut flowers, as well as maintaining the cut flower beds. The flowers must be cut at dawn from mid July to mid October. Only early risers can do this job. Typically this is shared with store staff.

Store Staff
Displaying and selling our crops at our farm store. From May to October we have many customers coming to our farm to purchase what we have grown. We have many new customers, customers who've become friends, and even customers who become staff. We hire people who have a passion for gardening, and creating meals in the kitchen.

This is very dependent on where we are in the season, but we try to be flexible and can accommodate within reason.
You can work practically every day, or just a couple of days per week.

March-April in the greenhouse: Mondays and Tuesdays are for prepping the greenhouses and filling containers with soil, some transplanting. Planting Wed-Fri. 9-4 or 5.

Store Staff: May-Oct
Usually the day is divided into two shifts, 8-1; 1-6

Usually we start early in the day to beat the heat. Summer picking usually starts at 6:00am.
Most of our staff do a mix of all these jobs.

Please note, if you are unable to work weekends and holidays, we are unlikely to hire you.

Picking at dawn
Working Conditions
The greenhouse work is usually sunny and warm, but your hands will be spent in potting soil all day. Later in the season it is outdoors in the fields, or at our farm store which is sheltered, but very much outdoors, so sunny, cloudy, hot or cold, wet, dry... The work is physically demanding, you will be on your feet most of the day, often lifting and carrying.
Our farm is in North Burlington, on Walkers Line, 8 km north of Dundas St. (between Britannia and Derry).
There is no public transportation, so you will need to drive yourself or catch a ride. If you're into cycling (like we are), our farm is just a 20 minute bike ride (if you're a fast peddler) from Dundas and Walkers.
Starting wage is minimum wage ($15/hr 2022), which gradually increases in returning years. Xmas bonus sometimes happens if we have a good year -help us make this year a great one!

What now?
If you think a job in farming is right for you, SEND US AN EMAIL! (jobs@hutchinsonfarm.ca) Tell us a bit about yourself, and we'll have you up for an informal interview.