We are a farm!
Everything listed on this page is grown on our farm in North Burlington.
We plant seeds in the spring, and with a little help from Mother Nature, and a lot of work, we're able to harvest some outstanding produce a few months later. Our goal is to blow you away with quality, freshness, and variety. Great food, great ingredients for your table and pantry, that you simply can't find anywhere else.

Follow our links for information on availability, recipes, purchasing tips, etc.

Lots of people ask us if we are organic, or if we use pesticides. Here's our answer!
Note: All crops are weather dependent, dates are a guideline only. Please see our home page for a list of what is currently in season.



Late June-Oct
Purple, striped, and yellow beets..

Cucumbers July-Sept Slicers only, no pickling cukes.
Currants Red: mid-late June - early July
Black: Early-mid July
Red and black, PYO only.

late July - early Oct Love that burning in your mouth? We have a hot pepper for you!

Eggplant Aug-Sept Never eaten eggplant? You've got to try "The Great Eggplant Recipe"
An eggplant fan? Check out our secrets to purchasing great eggplant!

Garlic mid August - Sept 
In 2013, we harvested our very first garlic crop! Grown in Burlington, not you know where...

Garlic Scapes
The immature flower stems of garlic -only available a few short weeks.

Gourds mid-Sept-Oct Crazy decorations for Thanksgiving


Exclusively from hives on our farm, very limited amounts. (best to place an order)

mid June - Oct
A leafy vegetable that's darn good for you!
mid-Sept-Oct Giant Musselburgh. An heirloom variety from Scotland.
Melons Aug-mid Sept We pick them ripe -so much better than grocery store melons!

Onions Aug-Oct Sweet Spanish and red onions

mid June - mid July
Shell, edible pod, and sugar snap types.

Peppers Aug-Sept

Pumpkins mid Sept, Oct An outstanding selection. All shapes sizes and colours, from classic Jack 'o Lanterns to exotic heirloom varieties.
Raspberries late June-Jul Raspberries Late June to late July. We pick or you pick!
Rhubarb late-May -early Jun

Squash mid Sept, Oct Over 20 varieties of this classic fall vegetable, modern and heirloom.

Strawberries early June-early Jul
The first berry of summer, fresh, juicy, sweet, and flavourful! So much better than imported.
We also have a few "day-neutrals" available Aug, Sept.

Tomatillos late July - early Oct Salsa Verde and more!

Tomatoes Late July - early Oct The best tomatoes you've ever tasted.
Heirloom Tomatoes
Plum Tomatoes ("Romas")

Watermelon Aug-Sept We grow old fashioned heirloom watermelons that have seeds and flavour.

Zucchini late June-Sept Summer squash

Zucchini Flowers July-Sept Picked to order