Rebecca Eats a Melon
Photo: David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm, July 28, 2005
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since the 1980's. Available late August to mid September, 2013.

Cucumis melo

For one month a year, we are blessed with a bountiful crop of sweet, juicy, aromatic, mouth watering delicious melons. That's just too short a season! For eleven months of the year, our grocery store shelves are stacked with imported, and mostly disappointing melons (in order to survive the rigors of shipping from distant lands, those melons are picked way under ripe) -so enjoy ours while you can!
  • In Season
    Early August - mid September.

  • Purchasing Tips
    We pick our melons ripe, so you can take them home, and eat them right away. Choose melons that are firm, with no soft spots or splits. We find that the more netting, the better, and the bigger the better.

  • Storing at home
    Melons that are to be consumed the day you buy them can be left on your counter, otherwise they should keep in the refrigerator. All melons should be washed with soap and water before slicing them open.

  • Cultivars

    Musk Melons
    We usually call them Musk Melons, but you can call them Cantaloupes to. We grow lots of different cultivars, and every year we get them mixed up..."Aphrodite, Ariel, Avatar...."
    Sugar Cube
    Sugar Cube
    Introduced in 2010, this is the smallest melon we grow. Same great taste (maybe better) as the big ones, in a compact easier to use form.
    Destacado - Honey
                              Dew Melon
    Honey Dew
    Thick green flesh, and pale green skin, and ever so sweet. We grow two cultivars, Destacado, and new for 2013 is Dream Dew.
    One of our favourite melons! This melon features unique green and yellow skin. It also called a "Christmas" or "Santa Claus" melon, but if you want to be technical it is a "Piel de Sapo" melon, which means toad skin. This melon keeps longer than our other melons.
    Canary Melon
    Characteristic bright yellow skin with a pale green interior.

  • Preserve
    Melons are best eaten fresh.

  • Classic Recipe
    Nothing is better than a slice of melon on a hot summer's day!

  • Favourite Recipes
    Melon wrapped in prosciutto