Pumpkins at Hutchinson Farm
Possibly the most amazing selection of pumpkins you'll ever see!
Pumpkin assortment 2011
Photo: A Selection of Pumpkins, David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm, Burlington, ON, September 20 2011

Each year hundreds of families visit our farm in October to experience life in rural Burlington, enjoy the fall colours, celebrate the harvest, and just have a lot of fun picking out pumpkins. At Hutchinson Farm, we embrace the diversity of life with an outstanding collection of standard and exotic pumpkins -each and every one is grown on our fields in north Burlington. We have: big pumpkins, small pumpkins, giant pumpkins, tiny pumpkins, orange pumpkins, red pumpkins, grey pumpkins, white pumpkins, brown pumpkins, blue pumpkins, cheese pumpkins, smooth pumpkins, bumpy pumpkins, wrinkly pumpkins, warty pumpkins, hulless seed pumpkins, striped pumpkins, new pumpkins, old pumpkins, classic pumpkins, exotic pumpkins, ordinary pumpkins, cooking pumpkins, carving pumpkins...

When you do come to our farm, we just have one suggestion: DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA!
Available Late September - October, 2017
Classic Jack-o'-Lanterns
Captain Jack
35-50 lbs, round. A medium size pumpkin, with amazing handles

Cornfield Pumpkin
12-15 lbs, oblate. An oblate shaped (shorter, wider) carver, with thin walls.

25-30 lbs, round. New for 2016, large with a good handle.

Mrs Wrinkles
15-20 lbs, round, lots of ribs. A jack-o'-lantern with an old wrinkly face.

Mustang PMR
18-24 lbs, round to slightly tall. A mid sized carver with sturdy stems.

Phat Jack
40-50 lbs, tall. It's Big. Its stem is Bigger. It's the Biggest jack-o'-lantern. Pretty Hot And Tempting. Taller than Captain Jack.

Phatso III
30-40 lbs, round. A large tall pumpkin, with long stems.

Super Herc
25-35 lbs, tall.
A darker orange jack-o'-lantern with a few bumps and a hard shell.

"Pie" (small) Pumpkins
A tall "pie" pumpkin

Fall Splendor
Pie pumpkin size, better handle than "Small Sugar", inferior taste
Small sugar
Small Sugar
The classic pie pumpkin for cooking or carving.
Winter Luxury Pie Winter Luxury Pie The very best tasting orange pie pumpkin, covered with fine white lace.

Exotic and Heirloom Pumpkins
A small, but very tall pumpkin. Extremely rare.

Amish Pie
Large pale orange "pumpkin" or is it a squash? Usually it is the size of a medium Jack-o'-lantern -perfect if you need to make a lot of pies!

Galeuse d'Eysines

An unusual French heirloom pumpkin. A visual treasure, and culinary delight.

Grey Ghost
This new "squash" is a Grey Crown pumpkin from Australia, and it's awfully similar to Whangaparaoa Crown, a New Zealand "Storage Pumpkin".

What a beauty. Very Rare.
A Queensland Blue variety - a classic pumpkin from "down under".
Knuckle Head Knuckle Head A crazy pumpkin that is covered in warts. Also comes in a smaller version, "Goose Bumps".
Kamo Kamo
Kamo Kamo Maybe more squash than pumpkin, but it's pumpkin orange and carvable.
Not availabe 2016.
Long Island Cheese
Long Island Cheese
An American classic named for it's likeness to a cheese wheel.
Marina Di Chioggia
Marina di Chioggia
An Italian heirloom pumpkin, practically perfect in most every way.

A beautiful salmon-pink pumpkin from Brazil.
Musquée de
Musquée de Provence
A french heirloom, often called "Fairytale" -noted for it's vibrant orange flesh.

One Too Many
An exciting new pumpkin, white with orange veins, kind of like a bloodshot eye.

Queensland Blue
The classic Australian Blue pumpkin.
Red Warty Thing
Red Warty Thing
A medium sized pumpkin. Its name says it all!
Rouge Vif
Rouge Vif d'Etampes
Also called "Cinderella" this is the brightest red pumpkin available. Looks great as a Jack-o-lantern.
Styrian Hulless
Austrian pumpkin with hulless seeds -perfect for pepitas
Thai Kang Kob
Thai Kang Kob
A flat bumpy green pumpkin from Thailand
Thai Rai Kaw Tok
Thai Rai Kaw Tok
Flat green with light brown splotches.
A unique three lobed beauty from Australia. Great flavour -excellent for long term storage.
Yokohama Squash
 Dark green and bumpy. Blocky shape with deep indentation at the stem, from Japan, 1860

White Pumpkins

Cotton Candy
A white beauty with classic pumpkin shape and ribbing.
Flat White Boer
Flat White Boer
The traditional white pumpkin from South Africa

A bit bigger than Cotton Candy
New Moon
New Moon
Simply the best large white pumpkin available. New for 2011.

The whitest, roundest white pumpkin available!

Miniature Pumpkins

Baby Boo
So cute! Our smallest white pumpkin.

Beautiful orange colour, with strong handle

A bit bigger than Baby Boo

Jack Be Little
The smallest (and cutest) orange mini-pumpkin.

Lil' Orange Mon
Extra long stems on a beautiful orange base.

Lil' Pump-Ke-Mon
A cream-orange bi-colour.

Exotic Small Pumpkins

Baby Bumps
Knucklehead's baby sister

Warty Goblin
New for 2015 The

Harvest Princess
New for 2015 A

New for 2015 Simp

New for 2015 The whitest, roundest white pumpkin available!

Giant Pumpkins

Atlantic Giants
Too heavy to lift!
New Moon
New Moon
Simply the best large white pumpkin available. New for 2011.
Our largest pumpkin. Beautiful bright red-orange colour.