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Burlington, ON

Small Sugar
Small Sugar
Photo: Small Sugar, David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm, Burlington, ON, September 21 2010
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 1980's. Available mid-September - October.

Genus: Cucurbita pepo
Height: 6 - 8"
Width: 7 - 9"
Weight: 4 - 6 lbs
Colour: Orange
Texture: Smooth, lightly ribbed
Flesh: Light Orange

This small jack-o'-lantern pumpkin has been the standard pie pumpkin in North America since the 1800's.
"Small Sugar" is mainly used for decoration and carving -it's the perfect size for little kids, contrasts with larger pumpkins in your fall displays, and looks so cute when carved!

On the plus side, "Small Sugar" is a convenient size to work with in the kitchen, and each pumpkin will yield 2 - 4 cups of flesh, more than enough for a pie. It has the best texture and is the best tasting of the jack-o'-lantern type pumpkins. However, there are much better pumpkins to use in your kitchen such as Winter Luxury Pie or Musquée de Provence.