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6202 Walkers Line,
Burlington, ON

Photo: Sibley, David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm, Burlington, ON, Sept 10, 2011
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 2011. Available in the autumn.

Genus: Cucurbita maxima
Origin: Rochester, NY
Length: 15 - 18"
Width: 5 - 7"
Weight: 5 - 7 lbs
Colour: Light grey-blue
Shape: inversely pear shaped (big at the stem end)
Rind Texture: Smooth, no ribbing, hard (great for storage)
Flesh: deep orange

Taste: Excellent, one of the beat. Very dry, almost like a cross between a squash and a baked potato.

We think this could be the ugliest squash we grow, but we do grow it every year, so you know it's got to be good!

Is it a blue banana pumpkin? Others describe it as a Hubbard type, maybe they're both correct, information is vague, heck it's even known by another name, "Pike's Peak". But whatever it's name, or squash type, it is absolutely one of the best tasting we grow, if fact we have a number of customers who buy it by the bushel, and it's the only squash they purchase!

We've never seen it anywhere else, but that's really what our farm is all about: we grow great tasting food, and we don't care what it looks like, or how well you can ship it.

Sibley was introduced by the seed company Hiram Sibley & Co. of Rochester, NY, in 1887. Some time after that, it almost disappeared forever. Fortunately, a woman in Van Dinam, Iowa loved this squash, and for a half century grew it in her garden, saving the seed year after year. Her seeds were "rediscovered" by Seed Savers Exchange and put in their catalogue.

Culinary: Described as "magnificent", "superb", "champion of the blue bananas". We agree!