Squash at Hutchinson Farm
Mixed Squash
Photo: A Selection of Squash, David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm, Burlington, ON, September 26, 2012

Squash, the autumn vegetable. Along with all our great pumpkins and gourds, we also grow an exciting array of squash, from the tiniest "Sweet Dumplings" to the humongous "Heavenly Hubbards".

A classic squash, noted for it's smooth, dry flesh.

Butternut The standard cooking squash.

"Heirloom Butternut"

A cream coloured pepper squash with orange stripes. New for 2012.

Cream of the Crop
White skinned pepper squash. We've yet to taste one that is as good as regular pepper squash, but it does look great in thanksgiving arrangements.

Best to use this one decoratively, although it has an abundance of seeds.

Sweet Potato squash

Grey Ghost
Similar to Australian Blue pumpkins, the flesh is silky smooth.

Guatemala Blue
Blue Banana: The best looking Blue Banana squash we grow, but we think Sibley tastes better.

Heart of Gold
Pepper/Acorn: Cream with green ribs. Introduced in 2010, it quickly became one of our favourites.
Looks like Sweet Dumpling (H of G is bigger, more pointed end, slightly yellower)

Heavenly Hubbard
Hubbard: Excellent keeper, the biggest squash we grow. Smooth and dry.

Cultivated by the Maori of New Zealand.

Also known as Acorn squash, an Ontario classic.

Red October
Hubbard -a mini red variety

Blue Banana A Blue Banana squash originally from Missouri. This was our hands down favourite squash of 2011.

Spaghetti The stringy flesh looks like, and can be used just like spaghetti noodles.

Buttercup: Orange-red
2004 All American Selections winner

Sweet Dumpling
Our favourite plate sized squash. Beautiful teacup shape.

Sweet Mama
New for 2012 Looks like a green buttercup, with rounder sides, and no "turban"

Table Gold
Orange skinned pepper squash, use decoratively (poor flavour)

Turks Turban
Gorgeous to look at