Hutchinson Farm Flower Guide
SuperBells Calibrachoa
Calibrachoa SuperBells Dreamsicle
Photo: SuperBells® Dreamsicle Calibrachoa, David MacTavish, from his home garden, Burlington, ON, July 22 2009
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 2008. Available May 2022, in 4˝" pots, combination containers, and combination baskets.

  • Description

    Winter Hardiness: Annual
    Light Requirements: Full Sun - Part Sun
    Where to plant: Containers or Hanging Baskets

    Cascade: Mounded-Semi-trailing (regular SuperBells) or
    Trailing (trailing SuperBells)
    Height: 6 - 10"

    Trails: 8 - 12"
    Spacing: 8 - 10"

    Calibrachoas were first introduced to the home gardener in 1998 with the 'Million Bells' series by Proven Winners to great acclaim! A cousin of the petunia, Cali's sport oodles of small petunia shaped blooms, but they don't have the 'stickiness' you get with Petunias. SuperBells are Proven Winners’ premium Calibrachoas -they’re covered with hundreds of cascading flowers from early spring until frost. Their versatility and colour range make them a 'must have' for every gardener.

  • Garden Performance
    Perfect for mixed containers and hanging baskets, they also do well in the ground. SuperBells are vigorous, maintenance free, and super-quick to recover after rain.

  • Growing Guide
    Fertilizer: A moderate feeder. Use any all purpose fertilizer, compost, etc. For small containers, should yellow leaves develop in spite of regular feeding, apply 'chelated' iron (available at all garden centres where fertilizer is sold), at the labeled rate every three weeks. This will lower the pH which is what Cali's like.
    Water only when the top of the soil feels dry.

  • Colours and Varieties

    Holy Cow! (new for 2019)
    Holy Moly! (2016)
    Lemon Slice (2013)
    Red Improved (2017)
    Strawberry Punch (2015)
    Tangerine Punch (2019)
    Watermelon Punch (NEW 2020)
    Yellow (2010)
    Yellow Chiffon