Hutchinson Farm Flower Guide
Photo: Coleus (assorted varieties), David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm, Greenhouse #7, Burlington, ON, April 29 2014
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 2009. Available May 2021, in 4" pots.

  • Description
    Stunning flower colour on a leaf! This means you can easily have colour in shady areas, a great alternative to shade impatiens! Popular since Victorian times, Coleus is a versatile foliage plant that comes in a wide range of colours, plant sizes, and leaf shapes. Plant in containers, beds, or even indoors as a house plant.

    Winter Hardiness: Tender Annual

  • Growing Guide
    Traditionally used to brighten shady areas. There are now some varieties that will tolerate sun, but they'll require a lot of water and we think it's best to choose a true sun-loving flower for those sunny spots. The Wizards are shortest (10- 14 tall), while the others can get to be twice as big. Maintenance free, light feeders.

  • Colours and Varieties
    There is a vast array of coleus varieties. We are growing the following:

    Kong Series:

    Kong Lime Sprite
    Kong Mosaic
    Kong Red
    Kong Rose
    Kong Salmon
    Kong Scarlet
    The Largest Coleus
    Kong features extremely large leaves and unique patterns (especially the awesome Kong Mosaic) on tall well branched plants. Best grown in shady areas.
    Exposure: Shade
    Height: 18 - 20"
    15 - 18"
    Spacing: 15 - 24"
    Kong Red
    Wizard Series:

    Wizard Coral Sunrise
    Wizard Jade
    Wizard Pastel
    Wizard Mosaic
    Wizard Rose
    Wizard Scarlet
    Wizard Sunset
    Wizard Velvet Red

    The Smallest Coleus
    Wizard's compact plants have very colourful, medium-size leaves, making this an excellent choice for shade plantings. Separate colours solo or in combination with impatiens or other shade-loving varieties make striking beds, baskets and containers.

    We are happy to offer Wizard Rose Coleus as an exclusive Hutchinson Farm variety -the seed has been discontinued, you can't buy this variety anywhere else!
    Exposure: Shade
    Height: 12 - 14"
    10 - 12"
    Spacing: 10 - 14"

    These varieties may be grown in full sun:
    Coral Sunrise
    Velvet Red

    Colorblaze Series:

    El Brighto
    Golden Dreams
    Strawberry Drop
    Wicked Witch

    The Colorbalze series is from Proven Winners, and it's one of the tallest Coleus. Colorblaze loves shady areas, but it will tolerate full sun...but be prepared to water them lots.
    Exposure: Shade
    Height: 24 - 30"
    18 - 24"

    Photos coming!
    See our Facebook Post on Wicked Witch
    Chocolate Covered Cherry 2013 release Exposure: Shade, part sun
    Height: 12 - 14"
    Spacing: 10 - 14"

    Although listed as full sun they require lots of water and high humidity.
    Coleus Chocolate Covered Cherry