Flowers at Hutchinson Farm
Available May 2022 in 4" pots, planters, and hanging baskets

What do we grow?
Annuals and perennials; herbs and tomato plants. Each year we grow hundreds of different cultivars in our greenhouses. We grow them big and beautiful, and we select varieties that will grow well in your containers and gardens. Our goal is to grow the best flowers possible, so that when you plant your garden it will look good the day you plant it.

Please use these pages to preview what we are growing this year, and how to care for them in your own garden.

When you come to our farm, you'll be exploring our production greenhouses and choosing the flowers you like, right from where we grow them.
Warning: Our greenhouses are breathtakingly beautiful, and the flowers are of unsurpassed quality -you will probably buy more than you planned on, and still come back for more.

Enjoy your garden!
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Annuals (below)
Heirloom Tomato Plants

Update for 2022 mostly complete, but not too much has changed from last year!

Tall spires of purple, mauve, pink, or white flowers.

For sun or shade, begonias are an excellent shade impatiens replacement. We grow over two dozen cultivars, including Dragon Wing and Nonstop.
Small yellow trailer and filler -great for containers in sunny locations
Calibrachoa Calibrachoa Small Petunia-like flowers bloom like crazy all season long. Very wide colour range. A "must grow" for your containers.
(aka 'Million Bells')
An old fashioned foliage plant that comes in a multitude of colours and sizes. Traditionally for shade, there are now many sun tolerant cultivars.

Emerald Falls and Silver Falls: Superb foliage plants - trail straight down over three feet

The traditional container centre. Don't click the link, there's nothing more to say.

Released in 20000, Diamond Frost put Euphorbia on the landscape, and in containers, sun or shade, it's the perfect "filler" plant.

Blue My Mind, so blue!

Tall spires of pink or white flower. Our most popular introduction from 2014.
Great for those hot dry spots. Mostly yellows available. Flowers close at night, and in dark shade.

Geraniums: Zonal
Every year more zonal geraniums are planted than any other annual. With good reason: they look great, are available in a wide range of colours, and they are easy to grow.
Seed Geranium
Zonal Seed

Looking for an eye-catching display of geraniums for your garden beds? Choose seed geraniums for their extra height, and outstanding blossoms.

Geraniums: "Rockies" The Rocky Mountain series. Big showy geraniums, just like the Rockies.
ivy geranium
Ivy Geraniums
The semi-double ivy geraniums have the widest colour range and biggest blossoms.

Geraniums: Ivy

Large single blossoms in a trailing geranium.

Do Minicascade Geraniums make the absolute best hanging baskets? We think so!

Geraniums: Interspecific
Calliope series. Interspecific means they're a cross between zonal geraniums and ivy geraniums.

Geraniums: Exotic Leaf
Zonal Geraniums with great looking leaves.

An assortment of grasses including the spectacular King Tut and Purple Fountain Grass.

Herbs We grow an outstanding selection of herbs...over two dozen varieties.

They are back! Limited availability.
We highly recommend SunPatiens instead of impatiens in your garden beds They are bette. In spite of their name, they thrive in semi shade (as well as sun).

A true full-sun heat tolerant impatiens. Also grows in shade, and it's not susceptible to Impatiens Downy Mildew, so plant these instead of regular shade impatiens.

Sweet Potato Vine
Silver Falls, Emerald Falls, Swedish Ivy, Creeping Jenny, Mezoo...

Unique heat tolerant bottle brush flower.
This heat loving butterfly attractor has a beautiful mounded shape, with florets that change colour as you move out from the centre of the blossom.

Grow it for drying, eating, or just to have a beautiful plant in your garden.

Trailing blue flowers, also a few tall red cultivars

Lobularia -
Snow Princess
Introduced in 2010, this is a vigorous white trailing Alyssum.

A tough trailer featuring beautiful green and white leaves, with cute little red flowers

This old fashioned flower fills in any holes in your garden with blooms that look good enough to eat.
Double Petunia thumb
Double Petunias
Look at these beautiful full blossoms. You won't believe they are petunias.
Proven Winners petunias come in classic colours as well as the breath taking "Pretty Much Picasso" and "Picasso in Pink". They look outstanding in your containers and beds, alone or in combinations.
Wave Petunia
Wave Petunias
Everyone's heard of "Purple Wave" petunias, but now this famous flower now comes in more colours and habits than any other petunia.
Tall spires for planter centres or garden beds.

Scaevola Continuous blooms all season, one of the toughest plants we grow.

Heirloom Tomato Plants
Over two dozen varieties of heirloom tomato plants. Fantastic array of shapes, sizes, and colours (not to mention flavour to die for).
We sell plants in May, and the fruit August - September.
Also cherry tomato hanging baskets.

A versatile annual that deserves a spot in your mixed containers or in the garden as a spreading ground cover.

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