Hutchinson Farm Flower Guide
Exotic Leaf Geraniums
Geraniums with unusual foliage
Photo: Indian Dunes Geranium (alas discontinued), David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm, Burlington, ON, June 10  2011
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 2011. Available May 2018, in 4" pots.

  • Description

    Winter Hardiness: Annual (can take a light frost)
    Light Requirements: Full sun - part sun

    Where to plant: Containers or in the ground

    Height: 12 - 18"

    Width: 8" - 12"

  • Garden Performance
    Geraniums aren't just about big blooms. Exotic Leaf Geraniums enhance the garden with stunning foliage not found on regular leaf geraniums. Enjoy the vibrant yellow-green foliage of Crystal Palace Gem, or the patriotic maple-leaf shaped leaves of Vancouver Centennial. These geraniums also bloom very well, you just don't get the big spectacular blooms found on regular Zonal Geraniums.

  • Growing Guide
    Treat the Exotic Leaf Geraniums just like your regular zonal geraniums: water only when completely dry, fertilize weekly, dead head as necessary.

  • Exotic Leaf Varieties

    Brocade Cherry Night
    Brocade Fire
    Brocade Fire Night
    Brocade Salmon Night
    Mrs. Pollock
    Vancouver Centennial
    Wilhellm Langguth

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