Hutchinson Farm Flower Guide
Impatiens - NOT AVAILABLE 2016
Photo: Assorted Impatiens, David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm #2 Greenhouse, Burlington, ON, May 12 2011 (Rebecca MacTavish, aged 9)
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 1982. NOT AVAILABLE 2016 due to Impatiens Downy Mildew disease.

  • Description

    Winter Hardiness: Annual (very frost sensitive)
    Light Requirements: bright shade - part sun
, avoid hot afternoon sun
    Where to plant: flower beds, containers, and hanging baskets

    Height: 10 - 16"
    10 - 16"

  • Garden Performance and Impatiens Downy Mildew
    For the foreseeable future, this disease makes planting regular shade impatiens inadvisable, especially after milder winters. If your impatiens have lost all their leaves and blooms in former years, don't plant them again. Try SunPatiens, or begonias instead.

  • Growing Guide
    Impatiens are just about the easiest flower you can grow.  Watering is crucial -try to avoid neglect to the point of droopy wilt, they will come back, but they will drop their flower petals. Bright shade, and some sun is ideal. Famous for being a shade plant, if the conditions are not light enough, impatiens will get leggy, and not bloom very much. Impatiens will grow in almost total sun, but they require lots and lots of water -there are lots of sun-loving plants better suited to hot sunny locations. Plant about 8 -12" apart. Fertilize lightly.

  • Colours and Varieties
    Once there were literally too many colours available. Now with IDM, we are just growing a few. Alas, the giant Blitz series (for our hanging baskets and pouches), is no longer available, so we will not be offering any impatiens baskets or pouches, but will have them in begonias instead.

    Super Elfin: The standard impatiens for years and years.
    • Blend