Hutchinson Farm Flower Guide
Photo: Bandana Orange Sunrise Lantana, David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm, Greenhouse #2, Burlington, ON, June 06 2009
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 2009. Available May 2021, in 4" pots.

  • Description
    This easy-to-grow annual features brilliant colour tones that produce a vibrant display all summer long. Heat and drought tolerant, this North American native species is known to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden. The blooms have a light, sweet fragrance, as does the foliage. Lantana blossoms are not uniform in colour, but gradually change in colour as you move from the centre to the edge of the blossom. All varieties have some yellow or orange in them.

    Winter Hardiness: Annual
    Heat lover
    Light Requirements: Full sun - part sun

    Aromatic blooms and foliage
    Butterfly attractor

  • Growing Guide
    Garden Performance: Bandana's mounding habit looks great in containers or in garden settings with its exceptionally large flower size (for Lantana). Water thoroughly in hot weather, use a balanced fertilizer. Deadheading is not necessary. The Bandana's are smaller and more compact. The Luscious series is larger, and more branching, great for mixed planters.

    Bandana series: Compact
  • some Bandero n/a 2022...Luscious Royale were grown instead
    Height: 12 - 14"
    Width: 12 - 14":
    Bandana Cherry
    Bandana Cherry Sunrise
    Bandana Lemon Zest (released 2010)
    Bandana Pink
    Bandana Red
    Bandana Rose

    Heartland series: Landscape
    About twice as big as Bandero's
    Height: 18 - 24"
    Width: 18 - 24"
    Heartland Citrus
    Heartland Neon
    Heartland Red
    Heartland Sunrise

    Luscious series: Spreading
    Height: 16 - 20"
    Width: 16 - 20"
    Luscious Berry Blend (released 2010)
    Luscious Citrus Blend
    Luscious Pinkberry Blend (released 2016)