Hutchinson Farm Flower Guide
Photo: Fernleaf Lavender  David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm, Greenhouse #6, Burlington, ON, April 7 2013
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 2012. Available May 2017, in 4½" pots.

  • Description

    Winter Hardiness: varies with variety
    Light Requirements: full sun - part sun
    Where to plant: Annual varieties in containers or in the ground. Perennial varieties must be planted in the ground to survive. Well drained soil.

  • Growing Guide
    There are many varieties of Lavender. Many are hardy in our climate, while others must be grown as annuals (Fernleaf and French). Lavender is drought tolerant, and you should grow it on the dry side. If possible, plant lavender in a sheltered area of your garden that has good drainage. Cover in much (ie straw) for the winter, and give a light pruning in the spring. Lavenders take about 3 years to reach maturity.

  • Harvest
    Harvest stems when approximately one-quarter of the flowers are open (aromatic oils are at their peak); remove leaves. Tie stems into small bunches and hang upside down in a cool, dry, dark room for two to three weeks.

  • French Lavender -Lavandula dentata
    Annual. It's almost like a rosemary - lavender cross, with characteristic fine toothed leaf edges, our preferred culinary variety. Not hardy in Ontario.
    Height: tba
    Width: tba

  • Grosso -Lavandula X intermedia (Lavandins)
    Perennial. This is one of the best varieties for Southern Ontario. Very hardy. A great all-round plant, with tall dark violet flowers. Excellent for drying. No flowers 1st year. Peak blooming mid July.
    Height: 24 - 30"
    Width: 12 - 14"

  • Lavandula Pinnata -Fernleaf Lavender
    Annual. Our most popular lavender. Finely-divided, fern-like gray-green foliage is topped by tall spikes of small bright lavender-blue flowers. Will not survive our winter.
    Height: 24 - 36"
    Width: 12 - 14"

  • Sweet Romance -Lavandula angustifolia   (English Lavender)
    2014 release from Proven Winners
    Perennial. SWEET ROMANCE™, is destined to become a favorite because of its ability to bloom the first year.  Additionally, it begins to flower a bit earlier in the season, typically in early summer and lasting into early fall. Tender perennial (may not survive harsh winter).
    Height: 12 - 18"
    Width: 12 - 18"

  • New for 2017: We are trialing the following: Hidcote Blue, Munstead, Lavance Deep Purple, Bandera Purple, Mini Blue