Hutchinson Farm Flower Guide
Photo: Techno Blue Lobelia, David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm Greenhouse, Burlington, ON, April 29 2014
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 1990's. Available May 2016, in 4" pots, combination planters and hanging baskets.

  • Description
    Looking for a blue flower? Lobelia is about as blue as you can get. We grow the Regatta series and Techno series which are profuse bloomers, and range in colour from deep sapphire blue to light blue. The regattas can be divided, as each pot has many plants.

    Winter Hardiness: Annual
    Light Requirements: Full sun - bright shade

    Where to plant: Containers

    Height: 4 - 6"

    Trails: 10 - 12"

  • Garden Performance
    Best suited as a trailer in containers and hanging baskets. Avoid hot areas of your garden, as Lobelia, especially the Regattas, can stop blooming if they get too hot. Fertilize lightly.

  • Trailing Regatta Series
    Blue Sky
    Blue Splash
    Marine Blue
    Midnight Blue

  • Techno Heat Series (trailing)
    Best heat tolerance (often lobelia doesn't flower mid-summer because it can't take the heat, but this heat series is the best).
    Heat Light Blue
    Heat Dark Blue
    Heat Electric Blue

  • Upright Tall Red
    Spectacular! Height 20 - 24"  Width 6 - 8"
    Starship Deep Rose (new 2016)
    Starship Scarlet
    Vulcan Red