What's new in 2016?
Hanging Baskets

This year we are please to offer 53 new cultivars of flowers and herbs. Some are brand spanking new, others are just new for us.
Sometimes we choose new cultivars to replace discontinued items, or simply because we couldn't resist adding them to our selection.

Often we try something new because a customer has requested it. I think we have the perfect sized farm: big enough to grow an incredible selection of flowers and herbs, but small enough to get to know our customers and their gardens. If you do try something new this year, please let us know how it performs in your garden. New varieties always sound fantastic in catalogue descriptions, but only by talking to you can we learn how they actually perform!

Please note, supply may be limited for some new items.

New Varieties 2016 -please follow the links for details


We've got more new varieties of begonias than any other kind of flower.

Babywing  Bicolor with Green Foliage
Babywing  Pink with Green Foliage
Babywing  Red with Green Foliage
Babywing  White with Green Foliage
Big    Pink Green Leaf
Big    Red Green Leaf
Nonstop     All colours
Illumination  Apricot
Illumination  Golden Picotee
Illumination  Rose
Illumination  Salmon Pink
Santa Cruz Sunset   
San Francisco   
Solenia     Light Pink
Solenia     Light Yellow
Solenia     Orange
Solenia     Velvet Red
Calibrachoa Calibrachoa SuperBells Garden Rose
SuperBells Holy Moly

Jolt Cherry
Jolt Pink

Geraniums: Zonal
All new Savannah series (15 colours). Replaces Elanos series

Geraniums: "Rockies" Rocky Mountain Deep Rose
Rocky Mountain Lavender

Calliope Crimson Flame

 Baby Tut
Herbs Basil - Greek Columnar
Basil - Pesto Perpetuo
Lemon Grass
Chocolate Mint
Oregano - Hot & Spicy
Shiso (green perilla)
Luscious Pinkberry Blend

Starship Deep Rose
Wave Petunia
Wave Petunias
Tidal Wave Velour Red

Heirloom Tomato Plants
Pink Berkeley Tie Dye
Terenzo cherry tomatoes hanging baskets

Lanai Upright Bright Rose with Eye
Lanai Upright Pink with Eye
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