What's new in 2017?

Hanging Baskets

This year we are please to offer 53 new cultivars of flowers and herbs. Some are brand spanking new, others are just new for us.
Sometimes we choose new cultivars to replace discontinued items, or simply because we couldn't resist adding them to our selection.

Often we try something new because a customer has requested it. I think we have the perfect sized farm: big enough to grow an incredible selection of flowers and herbs, but small enough to get to know our customers and their gardens. If you do try something new this year, please let us know how it performs in your garden. New varieties always sound fantastic in catalogue descriptions, but only by talking to you can we learn how they actually perform!

Please note, supply may be limited for some new items.

New Varieties 2017 -please follow the links for details

Begonias continue to be more and more popular. Great for sun or shade.

Nonstop series:  We now grow all the colours in the series
Illumination series: yep, all colours now available in hanging baskets and 4.5" pots.
Funky Pink: we saw this at the flower trials last summer and loved it. Similar to Illumination.
Santa Barbara: a white Boliviensis type (trailing) -joins Santa Cruz Sunset and San Francisco

Calibrachoa Calibrachoa SuperBells Red Improved....just in time for Canada Day.

Strobilanthes Persian Shield
Lemon Coral Sedum

Geraniums: Zonal
We are simplifying our regular geraniums.
We are now carrying the entire "Classic" series, the entire Tango series (a bit smaller, dark leaf) and the entire Rocky Mountain series (largest of the zonal cuttings).
No more Savannah, Elanos, Maestro, or Patriot series

Ivy Geraniums
Calliope Crimson Flame and lots of Calliope Dark Red for Canada 150.
FYI Calliope Dark Red has been renamed "Calliope Large Dark Red". Why? There is now a "Calliope Medium Dark Red" which we are NOT growing. Too much info, huh?

Prince Tut -about half the size of King Tut, and a bit bigger than Baby Tu
Sky Rocket -green and white striped leaves, stunning.
Herbs Basil - Seed Saver Exchange's Genovese...by far the best pesto basil we have ever grown.
Lemon Balm (essentially a lemon flavoured mint)
Mini Mint...so cute, it's a carpet of small leaved mint.
Herb Persicaria (Vietnam Coriander)...just had to grow it, but we've never tried it!

Is this "new"?
Sweet Heart Jet Black...We suspect this will be indistinguishable from Sweet Heart Purple which has, oddly enough, been discontinued by Proven Winners.

Mezoo™ Trailing Red...who can resist this name...mostly green and white foliage, with a few red flowers
Vinca Vine Illumination
Bandana Peach -we thought the series was already complete, but we'll try it once, but maybe now there are too many colours in the series.

Heirloom Tomato Plants
Austin’s Red Pear
Purple Bumblebee (striped cherry)
Terenzo cherry tomatoes (now in 4.5" pots too!)

Lanai Twister Burgundy
Lanai Candy Cane
Lanai Upright Red with Eye
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