Hutchinson Farm Flower Guide
Wave Petunias
Wave Petunias
Photo: Tidal Wave Petunias, David MacTavish, home garden, Burlington, ON, August 3, 2008
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 2006. Available May 2022, in 4" pots, containers

  • Description

    Winter Hardiness: Annual (can take a light frost)
    Light Requirements: Full sun - part sun

    The most famous brand of flowers now comes in a wide selection of colours and styles. They're easy to grow, and look great all summer long.

  • Garden Performance
    Don't worry about rain -Wave Petunias look great less than an hour after a downpour. They out-grow your weeds, making them virtually maintenance free.

  • Growing Guide
    Avoid wet foliage going into night. Keep well fed for best results. Occasional cut back will rejuvenate plants, especially when grown in containers.

  • Colours and Varieties
    Waves: Famous for their low height and vigorous spreading habit, the original 'Wave' petunias now come in many colours. Best used as a spreading ground cover.

    Habit: Spreading
    Height: 4 - 6"

    Width: 3 - 4 feet!
    Spacing: 12- 24"
    Where to plant: best in the ground

    Purple Wave
    Pink Wave
    Blue Wave

    Easy Waves: They're taller than the regular waves, and have a less spreading habit, making them the best petunia for containers (but they also do great in the ground).

    Habit: Mounded, spreading
    Height: 6 - 10"

    Width: 2 - 3 feet
    Spacing: 10- 15"
    Where to plant: Containers or in the ground

    Easy Wave Blue
    Easy Wave Burgundy Star (2018)
    Easy Wave Lavender Sky Blue (new 2020)
    Easy Wave Pink Passion (2018)
    Easy Wave Plum Vein
    Easy Wave Red
    Easy Wave Violet
    Easy Wave White

    Evening Scentsation (2018) -Orchid coloured blossom, with delicate bouquet...strongest smelling in the evening.

    Also in 2022 we are trialing the new E3 series, we don't think there will be much difference from the Easies!

    Tidal Waves: If you want a bed of flowers that is solid colour, with little work, and looks great until frost, Tidal Wave petunias are for you. Plant about 24 apart and watch as Tidal Wave grows and grows and grows into an awesome, flower-filled hedge!

    Habit: sprawling, almost hedge-like
    Height: 16 - 24"

    Width: 2 - 4 feet
    Spacing: 18 - 24"
    Where to plant: In the ground

    Tidal Wave Cherry
    Tidal Wave Hot Pink