Hutchinson Farm Flower Guide
Snow Princess Lobularia (Trailing Alyssum)
Snow Princess
Photo: Snow Princess Lobularia close-up, David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm, May 19 2012
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 2010. Available May 2013, in 4˝" pots.

  • Description

    Winter Hardiness: Annual
    Light Requirements: Full sun - part sun

    Where to plant: Large Containers or 

    Height: 6 - 8" Tall

    Trailing: 12" - 24" Cascade
    Spacing: 8" - 10"

    Snow Princess is a new release from Proven Winners® for 2010, best described as a trailing Alyssum. The mounding white blooms have great staying power, require little maintenance, and have a beautiful fragrance. 

  • Garden Performance
    Snow Princess will put on a great show all season. It's more heat tolerant than regular alyssum, but watch out, it's a hearty drinker, so we don't recommend growing it in small containers. It is a vigorous grower, so be careful with your combinations, as it will outgrow its neighbours!

  • Growing Guide
    It's new, so we haven't grown it, ever, but is sounds like a easy flower to grow and keep in bloom.
    Be careful about watering, and one of our sales reps suggests growing it only on its own (ie no combination containers). We should have more ideas next year!

    Moderate feeder, any all purpose, compost, etc.

  • Colours and Varieties
    There is only the one variety, and no news of future releases.