Hutchinson Farm Flower Guide
Sprengeri (Asparagus fern)
                                Aparagus Fern
Photo: Sprengeri, David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm Greenhouse, September 20, 2011
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 2011. Available May 2018, in 4" pots.

Hardiness: Annual
Habit: Mounded, trailing
Light: Shade or sun
Trails: 12 - 24"
Spacing: 8 - 10"
Where to plant: Containers or in the ground

  • Description
    Arching fronds of graceful fresh green needle-like foliage make Asparagus Fern perfect for containers and hanging baskets, either alone or in combinations. Named for Carl Ludwig Sprenger who popularized it over a century ago as an indoor ornamental. Not related to asparagus, although it's appearance is similar to mature asparagus plants.

  • Growing Guide
    Best grown in containers, Asparagus Fern needs no attention other than occasional watering. Grows well indoors too, where it not only looks good all year, it also is an excellent air purifier.