Hutchinson Farm Flower Guide
                          Vigorous Lavender
Photo: SunPatiens Vigorous Lavender, David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm Greenhouse #2, Burlington, ON, May 28 2011
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 2010. Available May 2021, in 4½" pots and planters

  • Description

    Winter Hardiness: Annual
    Light Requirements: Full sun - part sun

    Where to plant: Large Containers or 

    Height: 12 - 18"

    Width: 12 - 24"
    Spacing: 12 - 20"

    We plant SunPatiens around our farm store every year. They look fantastic all season, there's no maintenance, they look great even after a summer thuderstorm, definitely a must grow flower for your garden.
    They're the flower we've been waiting years for: a true sunshine impatiens. SunPatiens® are the first impatiens to thrive in full hot sun, all summer long. Their ability withstand the heat of summer is truly extraordinary, and amazingly they also are happy in shade, -even indoors! 

Introduced in 2009,
    SunPatiens® are quickly becoming a garden standard.

  • Garden Performance
    SunPatiens® are easy to grow, and will thrive until frost. Although known for their sun tolerance, they are just as happy in shade.  Much larger than standard shade impatiens, SunPatiens® do best in the ground, or in very large containers. The vibrant colours of the flowers are highlighted by the dark foliage.

  • Growing Guide
    SunPatiens® are sun tolerant, but they're NOT drought tolerant, so make sure they get lots of water.
    Moderate feeder, any all purpose, compost, etc

  • Compact Series -in the ground, or containers.
    Garden Height: 12 - 18"
    Garden Width: 12 - 18"

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    Compact    Deep Rose
    Compact    Electric Orange
    Compact    Fire Red
    Compact    Hot Coral
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  • Vigorous Series - best in the ground, or in very large containers
    Garden Height: 18 - 24"
    Garden Width:18 - 30"

    Vigorous    Clear White
    Vigorous    Corona N/A 2021
    Vigorous    Lavender Splash
    Vigorous    Pink Kiss
    Vigorous    Red
    Vigorous    Rose Pink
    Vigorous    Shell Pink
    Vigorous    Tropical Orange
    Vigorous    Tropical Salmon
    Vigorous    Tropical White