Hutchinson Farm Flower Guide
Supertunia Tree
Photo: Supertunia Royal Magenta, David MacTavish, Sobkowich Trial gardens (Proven Winners), Grimsby, ON, July 28 2009
Also shown: Rebecca MacTavish (7 years)

Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 2010. Available May 2018, in 4" pots,  combination planters and hanging baskets.
Note: in case you're wondering, the "tree" is a fake -it is comprised of three layers of containers! Looks good, huh?

  • Description
    These beauties are self-cleaning and floriferous.
    Winter Hardiness: Annual
    Light Requirements: Full sun - part sun

  • Growing Guide
    Supertunias are easy to grow, they're maintenance free and happy in most growing conditions. Fertilize weekly. Like all petunias, Supertunias grown in containers may require a hair cut. Trimming your petunias produces more blooms and new compact well branched growth. If your petunias are getting 'leggy' and don't seem to have as many blooms as you think they should, it is time for a trim. A short trim may be all they need (cutting off about 25%). A more drastic trim may be needed (max 50%), and in three weeks your petunias will return to their former glory.

  • Colours and Varieties
    There are almost too many types, habits, and colours of Supertunias. We have selected the following outstanding varieties:
    Note: Raspberry Blast is no longer available.

    Height: 6 - 10"
    Trails: up to 24"
    Spacing: 12 - 20"

    Supertunia Bermuda Beach
    Supertunia Bordeaux

    Supertunia Limoncello (New 2015)
    Supertunia Magenta

    Supertunia Pretty Much Picasso (Introduced 2010)
    Supertunia Royal Velvet