Hutchinson Farm Herb Guide
Photo: Cilantro David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm greenhouses, Burlington, ON, June 2 2006
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since about 1995. Available May 2018, in 4˝" pots.

Cilantro (sometimes called coriander leaves or Chinese parsley) refers to the leaves of a young coriander plant. In general coriander refers to the seeds. If you find that your cilantro is flowering, it's probably too late to harvest any leaves, but if you wait a few weeks, you'll be able to harvest coriander.

2018: we have a mouse that loves our cilantro seed, so we will not have a steady supply!
  • Description
    Coriandrum sativum
    Winter Hardiness: Annual
    Light Requirements: Sun, part sun, or bright shade
    Height: 8 - 10"
    Habit: Upright
    Where to plant: grows well anywhere, avoid hot sunny locations

  • In the Garden
    WARNING! Unlike most other herbs, cilantro cannot be continuously harvested throughout the season. It grows very quickly in our hot summers and will “bolt” (go to seed) soon after reaching 6” in height. To have a continuous supply, re-plant every three weeks, or purchase cilantro bunches from the grocery store (even we do). Even "slow bolting" cultivars go to seed quickly.

  • In the Kitchen
    The fresh leaves are an essential ingredient in many Mexican dishes including salsas and guacamole.  Also used in Vietnamese foods, Asian chutneys, etc. Cilantro should never  be cooked as heat quickly destroys its delicate flavour. Add to your dishes just before serving.