Hutchinson Farm Herb Guide
Photo: Peppermint, David MacTavish, Kitchen garden, Burlington, ON, July 17 2010
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 2010. Available from May 2018, in 4½" pots, planters, and hanging baskets.

Winter Hardiness: Perennial
Light Requirements: Any
Height: 12 - 20"
Width: it spreads and spreads and spreads

There is an abundance of different types of mint. We always grow the standard peppermint and spearmint, plus some more exotic mints as well.
  • In the Garden
    Mint will grow practically anywhere, and we strongly suggest planting it in containers. Use caution when planting mint in the ground -it is invasive, and may spread everywhere. It can be difficult to get rid of, so make sure it is thoroughly contained.
    Hanging baskets are perfect for growing can't spread, and you'll get lots of mint by the end of the summer.

  • In the Kitchen
    Used in almost all cuisines of the world, mint can flavour every part of your meal, from appetizer to dessert.

    Peppermint tends to be used with sweeter recipes (desserts). Dry the leaves for a yummy tea.

    Spearmint is most often used in savory dishes. Classic uses include mint sauce, jelly, and juleps.

    Mojito Mint
    from Richter's Herbs:

    Cuba’s famed mojito cocktail, once a daily favourite of Ernest Hemingway, has enjoyed a meteoric resurgence in popularity ever since James Bond drank one in the movie Die Another Day. The mojito, made with rum, sugar, lime juice and Cuba’s unique mojito mint, is now an essential staple of cocktail lounges everywhere. While recipes call for any available variety of spearmint, the real mojito can only be made with the true mojito mint. This mint was impossible to get in North America but thanks to Toronto mojito enthusiast Catherine Nasmith who visited Cuba in 2006 we now have the authentic plant from Cuba. It is clearly different from most other mints -- its scent and flavour are agreeably mild and warm, not pungent nor overly sweet like other mints. In a perhaps typically Cuban understated way its warm embrace lingers until you realize you want more. Like all mints it is easy to grow and will happily provide more than enough fresh sprigs for your mojitos. Salud!

    Mini Mint (new 2017)
    AKA Corsican Mint. Only 1 - 2" tall, this little mint will spread up to 12" the first year, making it a great ground cover, but beware, like all mints it is hard to get rid of!
    It is a mild peppermint type, famous as the flavouring of Crème de menthe liqueur, but is more commonly used as an ornamental.

    Best used fresh, use only the leaves, not the stem. Dry, or blanche and freeze to preserve.