Hutchinson Farm Herb Guide

Photo: Curly and Italian Parsley, David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm greenhouses, Burlington, ON, May 12 2010
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since the 1980's. Available May 2018 in 4" pots, mixed herb planters and baskets.

  • Description
    Petroselinum hortense
    Winter Hardiness: biennial (over winters, but quickly goes to seed)
    Light Requirements: Sun, part sun
    Height: 8 - 12"
    Habit: upright, mounded
    Where to plant: grows well in the garden or in containers

  • In the Garden
    Parsley is easy to grow in containers or in the ground. Treat it as an annual (plant every year). It will over-winter once, but is bitter the second year and goes to seed quickly.

  • In the Kitchen
    This classic herb comes in two forms: curly and Italian (flat leaved). In general, use the curly parsley as a garnish, and Italian parsley as a flavouring -it tastes much better. In your cooking, you'll want to mainly use the leafy part of the plant, but don't worry if you get some of the stem.