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Vol. 19 No. 7
The Case of the Missing Shallot

Heirloom Beefsteak Tomatoes
Photo: Heirloom beefsteak tomatoes waiting to be sliced, Aug 26, 2015

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Words can't describe the wonderful bounty which comes from our fields in August and September. Pictures help, and I hope they encourage you put the richness of Ontario's produce on your tongues for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even for snacks! Here's a brief selection of the yummies now available at our farm!

So many beautiful colours, do you eat the red ones last?
This is our third season growing garlic, and the bulbs are extraordinary.
Beauty: they look almost too good to eat, don't they?
Flavour: really can't be beat, so many customers have commented that there is no comparison with the imported stuff the grocery stores are selling.
Storage: ours kept until May!
Size: wow!

Something weird happened this year, they all ripened at once! Enjoy while you can!
                            Cube melon
New Greenhouse
After 40 or so years, the wooden posts of our original greenhouse were starting to disappear, so it was time to take it down. I sure hope the new one goes up faster than tearing down the old one, because whoever built it, sure did a good job!
New Greenhouse
Thank-you for having the patience to read my entire newsletter, here's the shallot mystery:

Last year we grew shallots for the very first time, we'd seen them lots of times on cooking shows, and had to try them. It turns out we love shallots (and so do our customers), so we planted hundreds of them this spring. A few days ago, I sent the guys out to pick (pull?) them, and they came back empty handed. Now, they're easy to find, they look like onions, but with a distinctive pinky tinge and unmistakable tall thin shape. So I go out to show the guys where they are...and I can't find them either! I know I bought the seed, and I know it was planted...hmmm.

Bye for now,
P.S. Don't forget we are now closed Mondays (but we're always open holiday Mondays). Our website,, is updated every few days, and we're always happy to take orders. If you haven't seen our FaceBook page, please do, it has lots of photos and features that we can't fit in this email. It's like a quickie newsletter excerpt every day!

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