Pick Your Own
Raspberry Picking
Photo:  Rebecca MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm raspberry patch, July 6, 2006
Picking at Hutchinson Farm - an authentic farm experience!
If commercialized farming, gift shops, or the chaos of "farm entertainment" is not your cup of tea, our farm may be just what you're looking for! It's all about our crops, the goings on of a real farm, a keen interest in food, plus the peace and quiet of the country. Kids with imaginations will not want to leave.

  • What can you pick?
    Raspberries (usually late June and most of July. Fall raspberries mid-Sept - frost)
    Red Currants: usually mid-June - early July
    Black Currants: usually July
    Pumpkins: October.
    All our other produce (strawberries, tomatoes, etc.) is picked by us, and is for sale at our store in season.

  • What does
    it cost?

    2018 prices:
    Raspberries and currants: $13.00/kg ($5.90/lb), approx $3.50 - $4.00 / pint
    Pumpkins: Jack o'lantern type: $1.10/kg, exotic pumpkins $1.30/kg

    Admission to the patch $5.00 per person. This fee includes a free pint of PYO raspberries.

    Other fees:
    Parking: free
    Gift shop: free (sorry, no tacky gifts on our farm)
    Petting zoo: free (it's a small zoo -a Chocolate Labrador Retriever)
    Your own containers: free
    Our containers: $1.50/ 4 litre basket (empty, sorry berries not included)
    Your own drinks: free
    Our drinks: $1.00 (water)

  • Who can pick?
    Anyone! Children of all ages are allowed in the patch. Only humans are allowed in the patch.

  • What do I bring?
    Containers: Any container will do: baskets, pails, Tupperware, ice cream containers, mixing bowls, etc. We do have containers available, but you have to buy them. Cardboard containers are very common, but they're really not the best for picking if it has rained -they get soggy! Raspberries squish under their own weight, so it's best to bring lots of containers and only fill them up a bit (no more than 2 inches).

    Insect repellent may be needed (primarily in the morning in the raspberry patch).

    Some refreshment (we do sell water, but feel free to bring your own).

  • Basket Re-use Centre
    Sometimes (with enough donations) we have used baskets that you are welcome to use and take home. If you have any extra containers at home, donations are always welcome to the bin.

  • What should I wear?
    High heels and white pants....or wide brimmed hats, old (pre-worn?) clothes, comfortable shoes. When picking raspberries, you might want to wear a long sleeved shirt to protect your arms from being scratched by the canes. Be prepared to get wet feet in the raspberry patch in the morning (we can get heavy dews).

  • When should we come?
    Avoid the mid afternoon -it can get very hot out in the patch. Come first thing in the morning (we open at 9:00), when the berries are cool. Raspberries shouldn't be picked when they're wet, if they are, use them right away. Please note, we keep strict hours. Should you arrive early (before 9:00) you will have to wait until 9:00 to start picking. When we close, we really close! -no stragglers allowed. In fact, we don't allow access to the patch 1 hour prior to closing.

  • What varieties do you grow?

    Raspberries Prelude, Nova,

  • Any other tips?
    For fast picking, leave your container on the ground and pick with two hands!

  • What about pesticides?
    See: How we grow our crops