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Naked Asparagus
Photo: Asparagus bunches - David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm Store, Burlington, ON, May 29 2018.
Asparagus can be cooked a gazillion ways, heck you don't even need to cook it, raw is delicious too.
Grilled, pan seared, boiled, steamed, baked, microwaved, I bet there's even an asparagus ice cream.
Plain, or with a bit of butter, drizzled with olive oil, a touch of garlic, more than a touch of cheese, add a bit of smoked salmon, in a pasta cream sauce...all deliciously wonderful!

...this recipe is Naked Asparagus: the pure taste of spring, capturing the essence of asparagus.

  • Ingredients


    Purchasing tips: Find a farm that sells asparagus (like ours). Make sure they are open every day (like ours). Get there early in the morning for asparagus that was fresh picked at dawn. When you get home, put your asparagus in cold water.

  • Method
    To prepare your asparagus, wash well to remove any sand, and snap off the base (the asparagus snaps at the tender point).
    Place it gently in a pot of cold water. You want just enough water to barely cover the asparagus. Put the pot on your stove, and set your burner to maximum. Don't go away, you need to watch this pot. No more than 1 minute after the water has come to a boil, remove from heat, and take the asparagus out of the water.
    Serve and enjoy

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