Heirloom Tomatoes at Hutchinson Farm
Heirloom Tomatoes
Photo: David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm kitchen counter, August 23, 2009

2012 is our 5th year growing heirloom tomatoes, and we have a mouth watering selection for you to enjoy -over two dozen varieties including all of our favourites from last year, plus a few new ones that you'll be excited to try! These are tomatoes from around the world, passed from generation to generation, in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and most importantly, tasting great.

Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 2008. Available early August to late September.

Slicing Tomatoes 2012 (Beefsteak, round, and heart shape)
Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red
Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red
Large beefsteak, red.
A great tasting beefsteak, from Italy via New York City.
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Large beefsteak, green.
This heirloom hall-of-famer is ripe when green.
Black Krim
Black Krim
Medium - large beefsteak, black (violet/brown).
The exotic taste of Black Krim has earned it a favourite spot among tomato lovers.
Black Zebra
Black Zebra
Medium round, deep orange with green stripes.
A delightful tomato, great looks, great taste.
Large beefsteak, pink.
The first heirloom tomato to attain legendary status.
Medium round, deep orange, purple/black shoulders.
Great taste, blemish free.
Cherokee Purple
Cherokee Purple
Large beefsteak, dark pink/purple with green shoulders.
Cherokee's rich complex flavours makes it a customer favourite.
Dester New!
Large beefsteak, pink.
Similar to Brandywine. Winner of SSE's 2011 Tomato Tasting.

German Red Strawberry
Large heart-shaped, red.
Meaty flesh, sweet flavour
Gold Medal
Gold Medal New! Large beefsteak, yellow with red streaks.
Winner of SSE's 2008 Tomato Tasting.
Green Zebra
Green Zebra
Small round, yellow with green stripes.
A modern heirloom tomato, amazing colour, tangy-sweet taste.

Indian Stripe

Moonglow New! Medium round, orange.
Winner of SSE's 2007 Tomato Tasting.
Omar's Lebanese
Large Beefsteak, pink.
A whopper of a tomato. Fruit may reach four pounds in weight, with flavour to match!
Orange Strawberry
Orange Strawberry
Medium heart-shaped, orange.
Meaty flesh, rich complex flavour
Large beefsteak, yellow - pink bicolour.
This heirloom favourite is sweet tasting and turns from yellow to pink as it ripens.

Striped German
Large beefsteak, yellow-red bicolour.
A popular bicolour.
Note: Not available 2012 -our seed supplier mixed things up and we have a mystery red instead!
Small round, red.
“Stoo-peach-ka” is the gold standard of early maturing heirlooms.
Wapsipinicon Peach
Wapsipinicon Peach New! Small round, yellow with fuzzy skin.
Winner of SSE's 2006 Tomato Tasting. We can't wait to try it!
White Queen
White Queen
Medium beefsteak, pale yellow
The best tasting "white" heirloom tomato.

Cherry Tomatoes 2012
Chery Tomatoes

Black Cherry
Black Cherry Medium cherry, purple/red.
Darkest cherry with classic complex flavours of the black heirlooms.
Very small cherry, light yellow.
The small size makes picking them too slow for production, but the number of fruit on the plant is impressive.
Gold Nugget
Golden Nugget
Medium cherry, yellow.
A good yellow, one of the earliest to ripen.
Green Grape
Green Grape Medium grape, yellow with green shoulders.
With it's green interior, "Green Grape" has that spicy green tomato flavour.
Lemon Drop
Lemon Drop Small-medium cherry, pale yellow.
Winner of SSE's 2010 Tomato Tasting -quite the feat for a yellow tomato!
Medium cherry, red.
Huge clusters of tomatoes look like bunches of grapes.
Sun Gold New! Medium cherry, deep orange.
Legendary at American farmers' markets. Seed for both heirloom and hybrid versions are available.
Sweet Gold
Sweet Orange
Small-medium cherry, orange.
This is a hybrid, but we're including it here as it has been our favourite cherry tomato for years and years.
Velvet Red
Velvet Red New! Medium cherry, red, covered with delicate "peach fuzz"!
Winner of SSE's 2009 Tomato Tasting.

Plum Tomatoes 2012
Plum Tomatoes 2012
Black Plum Small plum, purple/red.
Darkest plum with classic complex flavours of the black heirlooms.
Golden Milano
Golden Milano
Medium plum, yellow.
This variety used to have a classic plum tomato shape. This year they are quite round!
Green Sausage
Green Sausage New! Long plum, yellow with green stripes.
Firm flesh, rich sweet flavour.
Italian Gold
Italian Gold Medium plum, orange.
This is our dehybridized version of the unavailable hybrid Italian Gold. Great colour and flavour.
Large plum with pointed tip, red.
Dense, with very few seeds, excellent for sauce
San Marzano
San Marzano
Medium plum, red.
Classic Italian canning tomato
Speckled Roman
Speckled Roman
Medium plum, red with jagged orange stripes.
Simply too beautiful to eat.